Le Pliage Filet le-pliage

Le Pliage Filet

Two Maisons, two areas of expertise. Le Pliage Filet appears as if by magic; the most elegant of all string shopping bags. Honing their mastery of French craftsmanship, FILT and LONGCHAMP have reinterpreted our grandmothers' little knitted shopping bag to transform it into a practical and contemporary creation. Adding a modern appeal to the design, multiple colors elegantly weave themselves through Le Pliage Filet. The handles and flap made from Russian leather are a reflection of Longchamp's leather expertise. Pliage Filet energetically embraces the concept of zero waste. The French company FILT designs shopping bags, baby carriers, hammocks and even sports nets. Founded in 1860 in Normandy, FILT is an institution of traditional craftsmanship. Steeped in history and awards, it continues to successfully weave knitted fabrics in France and is now exporting its creations abroad.

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