Version 06/21/2021



A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) when you log on to our website and which enables our site server, as well as third parties, based on the setting you have chosen:

  •  - To collect data concerning your browsing on the site and;
  •  - To propose tailored services and content to you.


Cookies issued by our website:

Whenever you log on to our website, various cookies may be stored on your device, based on the choices you have made:

  •  - Cookies which are purely required for you to browse the site and to ensure the site works correctly:

These cookies optimize your browsing on our site by enabling you, for example, to browse through the different site pages or proposing you access to additional services. They also enable us to provide you with the site’s main features (language used, display resolution, etc.) and to secure our site in case of attempted fraud.

We would like to draw your attention, however, to the fact that, without these cookies, your user experience on our site may be considerably lessened,and that you will be unable to place orders on our site.


  •  - Third-party cookies:

You have the right to accept or refuse these cookies. These cookies include in particular advertising cookies, social media-related cookies (this type of cookie is generated by social media share buttons) and audience measurement cookies. 

These cookies are subject to these third parties’ privacy policies.

The third-party cookies currently used on our website are as follows:



Type(s) of cookie

Cookie name(s)

Website analytic cookie(s)

Google analytics

AT Internet  


Advertising cookie(s)


Facebook / Instagram

Line / Weibo / WeChat / Red / KakaoTalk / Snapchat / Pinterest / Youtube / Twitter

Google / Baidu / Yahoo / Bing / Naver


Social media cookie(s)

Facebook / Instagram

Line / Weibo / WeChat / Red / KakaoTalk / Snapchat / Pinterest / Youtube / Twitter


Managing cookies

You have the right to accept the cookies or to disable them at any time:

  •  - When you first visit our site, by clicking the “Set cookie preferences” tab, located in the window displayed on your screen during your 1st visit.

You may also disable cookies by opening your browser settings and following the steps detailed here below.

We would like to draw your attention, however, to the fact that if you disable these cookies required for browsing on our site and for it to work correctly, you may no longer be able to access certain site featuresin particular for placing orders.


How can I disable cookies via my browser settings?

For Mozilla Firefox:

 1. Go to “Menu Button” in the menu bar and click “Options”;
 2. Click the “Privacy Tab” icon;
 3. Set the “History” section to “use custom settings for history”;
 4. Uncheck the “Accept third-party cookies” case


For Internet Explorer:

 1. Select the “Tools” button, then “Internet Options”; 
 2. Click the “Privacy” tab;
 3. Click the “Advanced” button to display the “Advanced privacy settings” window;
 4. Check the “Override automatic cookie handling” box, then select “Block” in the “Third-party Cookies” column and save your settings by clicking “OK”.


For Google Chrome:

 1. In the “More” menu, click “Settings”, then “Advanced settings”;

 2. Select the “Site settings” panel;

 3. Select the “Cookie” panel

 4. Turn on "Block third-party cookies " and save your settings by clicking on "OK".


For Safari:

 1. Click “Safari” in the menu bar at the top of the page, then click “Preferences”;

 2. Check the “Privacy” panel, then select “Prevent cross-site tracking” and save your settings.


Cookie storage duration

Data stored on your device via cookies, as well as any element we use which enables us to identify you, are only stored for the duration strictly required for the aforementioned purposes. In all cases, cookies are not stored for more than thirteen (13) months.