Iconic and world-famous, Le Pliage draws its creative genius from origami. Instantly recognizable thanks to its flap and handles crafted from Russian leather, its ears, and press stud, Le Pliage is one of Longchamp's emblematic lines. Foldable, convenient, and lightweight, its originality appeals to all generations.

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Le Pliage

Le Pliage is one of the most worn bags in the world. Inspired by origami, such success would not be possible without Longchamp's excellent leather expertise and the ingenuity that is sewn into each of the line’s designs. Understated, colorful, and fun, Le Pliage's line of bags is designed to enchant and simplify the life of the active and independent Longchamp woman. Mindful of crafting pieces for men, this extensive line features an array of bags that boast a universal and gender-free character. Each year, Le Pliage engages in artistic collaborations, in turn leaving its canvas in the creative hands of artists and unconventional imaginations.