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Favouring an urban and nomad lifestyle, choose the Longchamp Men backpack.
Collections with contemporary designs and adaptable characters that cleverly simplify your every outing.

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The Longchamp backpack is an invitation to travel and always be on the move. Since its creation in 1948, Longchamp has been showcasing its expertise through the creation of inspiring, adaptable and durable backpacks made from precious and sturdy materials such as recycled nylon, cotton canvas and soft, resistant leathers. Le Pliage Original or Le Pliage Energy, Le Foulonné, Boxford or Longchamp 3D offer unisex and versatile backpacks that are suitable for an urban and nomadic lifestyle and whose multiple functional features facilitate an active lifestyle with elegance and simplicity. Whether it has a sporty and modern design like Le Pliage Energy backpack, a clean and elegant look such as Le Pliage Original backpack, a chic and urban spirit like Le Foulonné backpack or a more nomadic look like the Boxford or Longchamp 3D backpacks, this everyday bag adapts to all looks and reinvents its character with energy and optimism every year.