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Silk Scarves

Enhance an outfit or the handle of a bag with this must-have feminine accessory. Longchamp unveils timeless and sparkling silk scarves for everyday wea

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Silk Scarves

Explore Our Extensive Collection of Silk Scarves in Australia

The silk scarf or foulard plays a major role in Longchamp collections. One of the brand’s emblematic accessories, it adorns the Longchamp woman with elegance and sophistication. Each women's silk scarf collection is a captivating story in itself, a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship that embodies the spirit of Longchamp – a fusion of artistry, creativity, and dedication to exquisite detailing.

Forêt Longchamp Silk Scarf

Summer arrives in the vibrant colours of nature with this exotic garden-inspired silk scarf. The wild flowers trace the route to exotic wildlife, blending harmoniously with lush vegetation. This fall-winter 2023 collection reflects the iconic codes of the House of Longchamp by highlighting the sporty world of horse racing.

Le Pliage in Paris Silk Scarf

These silk scarves let you experience the romance of Paris by featuring the Eiffel Tower surrounded by balloons symbolising love and light. A fluttering ribbon adds a touch of freshness to this spring-inspired design.

Pearl Necklace Silk Scarf

Unleash your creativity with this colourful silk scarf adorned with a Box-Trot medal. Wear it in your hair, tie it around your neck, or use it as an accessory for your bag to express your personal style.

Hawaiian Flowers Silk Scarf

Embrace the tropical breeze with this vibrant silk scarf showcasing Hawaiian flowers. Tie it delicately around your neck or wrist to add a touch of tropical style to any ensemble.

Gallop Denim Silk Scarf

Channel contemporary creativity with this personalised print silk scarf inspired by graffiti and cherished schoolyard memories. The horse symbols enhance shadows and texture for a burst of artistic flair.

Longchamp University Silk Scarf

This graphic 3D-inspired silk square featuring the Longchamp logo is versatile as an accessory. Whether worn as a hair accessory, tied around the neck, or added to a bag, it brings a trendy touch to your look.

Longchamp Mood Board Silk Scarf

Walk into the vibrant streets of Paris with this large silk scarf featuring paper clips, sketches, and signature symbols. Its unique and artistic print captures the essence of fashion and creativity.

Make a Fashion Statement with Silk Scarves

Colourful, graphic, sparkling, or distinctive, the silk scarf is available in 90, 70, or 50 cm sizes and invites you to make a statement through its prints wherever you go in the street of Australia. Delicate and feminine, these Longchamp scarves can be tied into a bun or over hair, worn on the shoulders, folded into a triangle to embellish the neck, worn around the waist or used to decorate the handle of a bag. Its timeless character makes it a fashionable accessory for women to wear all year round to brighten up an outfit.

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