Très Paris, the characters

The very goal of this bold and carefree cinematic adventure was to illustrate the Paris of real authentic Parisian women.


Played by Mathilde Ollivier, the character of Mathilde is a Parisienne who’s witty, clever, spontaneous, and vibrant, with a fancy for literature and fashion. She’s a whimsical girl with a charming tendency to chaos. The owner of an equally spirited cat named Blanche, Mathilde’s pet joins her for every adventure, inside the Longchamp Roseau.


Played by Amber Anderson, the character of Amber is an English girl who’s living in Paris. She’s wise, rational, secretive, open-minded, learned, elegant, and more shy than expressive. She likes the night but she’s not a true partygoer. Nevertheless, we find her out on the town, contemplating the complicated nature of love, and her adoration for attractive earlobes.