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Free, assertive and confident, the Parisian never leaves home without their Longchamp document holder.

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Discover the Perfect Blend of Style and Function in Hand Bags for Laptops

Inspired by its leather expertise—renowned since 1948—the Maison offers women's briefcases with a clean and elegant style. The Parisian knows what she needs and strives towards her ambitions to reach the top. Independent and dynamic, her briefcase makes the perfect partner for days spent doing business, accommodating professional essentials like laptops and essential documents; it mirrors her persona - efficient, structured, and always ready for success. For the perpetual traveller or the business nomad, it is a comprehensive style choice that accommodates not only work essentials but also a change of attire for those impromptu overnight business trips. Longchamp presents a vibrant range of colourful and practical briefcases and hand bags, found across its iconic Le Foulonné, Le Pliage Original and Le Pliage Green lines.

Le Foulonné

Longchamp's iconic line since its creation in 1978, Le Foulonné embodies timeless classics with respect for leather goods codes. Crafted with a supple yet robust cowhide, it features a signature drummed grain and refined texture. The models offer a sober, rational style and are available in a wide range of colours.

Le Pliage Green lines

This is an environmentally-friendly version of LE PLIAGE, featuring recycled polyamide canvas with a green edge that echoes the brand’s signature green colour. The bag embodies Longchamp's codes, including horse embroidery and Russian leather trimmings. It is a socially responsible line that respects natural resources and suits everyday looks.

Le Pliage Original

Drawing inspiration from origami during creation, Le Pliage is a cult object worldwide. Light as a feather and highly durable, it folds to the size of a paperback and comes in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colours. Ideal for everyday use.

Find Your Fashionable Women's Laptop Bags in Australia

Find your ideal women's laptop bag, briefcases, and hand bags in Australia, where Longchamp blends fashion with eco-conscious mindfulness. Rooted in a heritage of over 75 years, we prioritise durability and sustainability, reflecting our commitment to preserving the environment's resources and showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of our artisans. Every piece reflects our enduring values of longevity and environmental stewardship, which have been ingrained in the very fabric of our Maison's DNA for generations.