Longchamp unveils its latest – and particularly audacious – collaboration with Emotionally Unavailable (EU). The contemporary fashion brand was founded by friends and kindred creative spirits Edison Chen and Kybum Lee. Like many designers before them, EU was inspired by Longchamp’s iconic Le Pliage®, not only for its unique cross-gender and cross-generational appeal but also for its unlimited potential for artistic reinterpretations.


They bring their signature offbeat humor to the collaboration in the form of a play on the Longchamp name: “Been a CHAMP a LONG time”. The line hints at the design duo’s inspiration, which is the mindset of the champion boxer, who fights on even when he’s down. However, their wider message – that, with the same mindset, we can all be champions in life – also echoes the optimistic and dynamic attitude of Longchamp.


Boldly emblazoned in white on the black Le Pliage® bags, this slogan is accompanied by the tongue-in-cheek “Professional Heartbreaker”, a nod to EU’s cult bleeding heart logo.



Been a Champ a Long Time

Edison Chen x Sophie Delafontaine

Authenticity and energy are important to me in so many ways. I only have energy. I feel like I didn't go to fashion school. I didn't go to acting school. I didn't go to singing school. But I have a lot of passion and energy for everything that I try to put myself into. So I think that even this Longchamp and EU, it's like making this energy. I think that making the energy, harnessing the energy and seeing our followers, our fans reciprocate that energy is very important to me. And then authenticity. I always tell my fans to stay real, keep it real and stay true to themselves, and not really follow trends. Don't follow anyone. Don't even follow me. Just follow your heart and be true to yourself, and only in that way can you really find true happiness. I didn't know about these core values before I started working with Longchamp, but I guess that is one of the reasons why I was attracted to working with them, because we share the same core values. - Edison Chen, Creative Director - Emotionally Unavailable


The boxing inspiration came from actually the whole concept of heartbreak, it really hits the spot. We're not trying to do a boxing-inspired collection. We're doing a heartbreak, really talking about deep love and self-strength. And so that's why there's Been A Champ A Long Time, Professional Heartbreaker.

Edison Chen x KB

"When we designed the whole thing functionality was the king of main key.That's what we tried to achieve you know" KB Lee, Creative Director - Emotionally Unavailable