Box-trot bags


A creative wind and daring energy sweep through the Box-Trot line, putting a spotlight on its bold characters. Its name is inspired by a box and its geometric shape. Driven by his very own ambition, the Longchamp cavalier emerges independent and dynamic on an XXL medallion. This authentic jewel pays tribute to the Maison's equestrian heritage. Compact, timeless, and refined, its look is as playful as it is sophisticated.

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For several seasons now, Box-Trot has proven to be a trendy, colorful, and daring line of bags. Available in structured and graphic shapes, these modern designs are illuminated by a touch of brilliance thanks to an XXL medallion boasting the cavalier and his horse, both of which are soaring through the air with ambition and vitality. Leather bags and small leather goods can be used for special events that could take place on board a barge and complement very feminine ensembles or more masculine looks. Longchamp crossbody and baguette bags move with their partner's independent character. Box-Trot and its various reinterpretations reinvent themselves with each new season and successfully bring out all the splendor of these models with their chic and vibrant colors.