Small Leather Goods

Creative, inspiring and eternally practical, our small leather goods kick the season off with irresistible styles that make life simpler.

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Pieces that embody the Maison's authenticity and creativity

Small leather goods for women

Leather wallet, card holder or clutch... Find pieces that reveal the authentic and creative spirit of the Parisian House and discover Longchamp women's small leather goods collections that join a dynamic and daring daily life. Inspired by its heritage since 1948 and by the world around it, Longchamp's leather craftsmanship gives birth to fashionable leather accessories that are both fair and beautiful: long or compact wallets, card holders, phone or passport cases, all these objects are crafted in noble leathers and fabrics emblematic of the House, and will pair perfectly with Longchamp's leather bag collections.

A collection of small leather goods to your image

The Longchamp woman is free and adopts a lifestyle and small leather goods accessories that reflect her personality. Her small leather goods are elegant and functional. It reflects a chic, relaxed look. The online shop invites you to discover the entire collection of small leather goods, which combine elegance and energy with the iconic bag lines of the brand with the famous horseman. Black or coloured leather accessories, wallets, bags and purses, the variety of colours and styles reflects the timeless essence of Longchamp. Each piece, whether in classic black leather or vibrant colours, embodies the House's exceptional craftsmanship and enhances your style with undeniable elegance.