Our Packaging

  • Indeed, you can choose a gift packaging

    Our gift packaging brings together LONGCHAMP’s traditional Heritage Green with Light Green, which embodies the brand's energy and creativity. Our gift packaging qualifies for the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) ecolabel. This guarantees the sustainable management of forests, the well-being of forestry workers, the conservation of biodiversity and the preserving of the rights of indigenous people.

  • You can tailor-made your message by typing into the gift message box while checking-out  

  • Longchamp does not have e-gift card for the moment 

  • The person can exchange the gift in our Longchamp boutique. For more information you can check our Return Policy 

  • 1.From the manufacturing stages, Longchamp favours packaging with low environmental impact and minimal packaging waste
    2.Our delivery packaging is made from recycled paper or cardboard
    3.Our gift packaging is FSC labeled (Forest Stewardship Council)