Order Online

  • Need help placing an order online or by phone? Our Customer Service team is available Monday-Sunday from 11 am-7 pm EST. Please call (888) 828-8081 or email help-canada@eshopping.longchamp.com.


    All orders are limited per person and per 30 calendar days:

    - 5 personalized items

    - 5 collection items


    Please note:

    For personalized items, you have 24 hours since the order was placed to make any changes relating to its features (colors, choice of metal buckles, etc.), as long as these modifications do not lead to any changes in the price. To do this, please contact Customer Service at help-canada@eshopping.longchamp.com.


    In order to prevent payment card fraud through online payments, we verify the credentials of the information that you provide when placing your order. We also verify that the payment card address matches the billing address. We also reserve the right to request additional information or documents (photocopy of ID, proof of address, etc.) in order to confirm your purchase and dispatch your parcel. Such requests will be made by e-mail or phone, in the following cases:

    • - For an order with a delivery address which does not match the billing address;
    • - For new customers;
    • - For orders two hundred (200) dollars or more. 

    We reserve the right not to honor an abnormal order for any other legitimate reason.